Technology solutions, custom made Software

We are RcZun Technologies

RcZun is a project development company in the area of technology, especially in the area of custom software development, we have several years of experience following a methodology of business support based on the integral development of systems, this way we involve our customers in the developing process of their products in order to achieve a better use of technologies and increase efficiency and performance of the final product.

Over the years we have also concentrated our work on building business solutions for small and medium-sized companies, creating individualized technological tools that allow them to achieve more optimized results than those obtained in the market with standardized products.

We have also created several products for small and medium-sized companies that are a more immediate solution and that solves some needs that are constantly present in these markets. These products follow our same methodology, are implemented from a base and are adapted to the needs of each of our customers. Some of them are: RcLiving, system developed for residential complexes with restricted access, RcSales, point of sale system integrated with an online store and Resmatic, system for bars and restaurants.